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That Food Guy Shop has been served! A platform for Mzansi chefs, foodies, and home cooks to emanate their gastronomic genius

It was an emotional, empowering and soul-fulfilling day for That Food Guy Group® on Wednesday, 23 November, when the official launch for That Food Guy Shop took place.

Hosting the event at the soul of the company, That Food Guy Group® HQ, surrounded by friends, family, clients, colleagues and media, it was a monumental and meaningful moment that sparked the start of a powerful journey.

Dale Herbst, That Food Guy Group® CEO and Founder, and Funeka Peppeta, That Food Guy Group® Shareholder and Senior Account Lead, addressed attendees with hearts overflowing with pride and gratitude.

Guests feasted on a gorgeous selection of food catered by Authentic Food Studio, inspired by their debut short format cookbooks which were the yeast to the bread of this launch. Every element of the launch was selected with intention, from the garnish to the serviettes, and it showed!

That Food Guy Shop is so much more than just a shop

That Food Guy Group® heard the call for the need for a platform for chefs, foodies and home cooks to serve their sauce and dish their gastronomic genius, and we have delivered!

That Food Guy Shop is an eCommerce platform which launched with amazing exclusive short-format cookbooks curated by Mzansi foodies. It also has a sizzling news channel, a delectable pantry and a tantalizing recipe section.

“That Food Guy Shop is proof that the power of a dream and vision can come to fruition with hard work, determination, patience and a positive attitude. I am so humbled and proud to be working with Proudly South African content creators who we have commissioned to execute phase one of our short format book strategy. This content layer forms an important part of That Food Guy Shop, although the platform also includes long format recipe books, a food news channel as well as a pantry and recipes,” said Dale Herbst, the visionary behind That Food Guy Shop.

Like every extension of That Food Guy Group®, That Food Guy Shop aims to grow, showcase, support and strengthen the South African food and beverage industry. It is with purpose that this division was cooked, and it is with intention that it will be served. This is but only the start of something magical!

The ‘food’ that feeds our soul

That Food Guy Group® could not be more grateful to everyone who made this launch successful and That Food Guy Shop possible. Seeing every message, smile, comment, post, and warm gesture solidified the burning purpose behind this venture. We see you, and we appreciate you. To each and every one of you, thank you!

Indulge in some of the hype:

Zaida Omar, digital creator and MUA:

“@thatfoodguyshop has just launched their online store where you can purchase their publications and support local food talent. One of their most notable publications being NAQIYAH. The online store also stocks short-form cookbooks that are bursting with recipease that tell stories of history, culture, and family traditions.”

Linda, aka The Honest Grazer:

“Changing the cookbook landscape!”

Beryl Menezes, avid foodie:


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Sanobar Khan, digital creator:


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