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KZN coffee shop bringing wholesome and ‘Humble’ vibes: A TFGG soul cleanser

Starting from a humble beginning in an industrial area, just roasting coffee beans, Scottish las Amy Gardiner has created a thriving coffee shop, Humble Coffee. It now offers a wholesome menu with over 20 dishes, when she intended on doing nothing more than roasting delectable coffee beans. Inspiring, right?!

When Dale Herbst, That Food Guy Group® CEO and Founder, visits KwaZulu-Natal, Humble Coffee is one of his musts!

“Humble is humble. It’s warm, friendly and a space to ge inspired. The food is uncomplicated yet perfectly filled with loads of nutritious flavour. The coffee – what a WOW! Gentle and the roast is absolutely perfect,” explained Dale.

Humble Coffee is totally pescatarian, meaning they serve no meats, only fish. They have you covered, from a hearty vegan toastie to mouth-watering Turkish Eggs.

The all-female team is percolating with fierce feminine energy, creativity and empowerment – just what you need to get your morning started… oh, and coffee, of course!


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A thriving business, but still humble

Amy never in her wildest dreams imagined opening a coffee shop of this magnitude when she was roasting beans on the ground floor of a factory.

It all started when Amy knew she had to give her customers a little something more when they sat down to sample her spectacular coffee. So, avo on toast it was, as they had nothing but a prep counter and a sandwich press.

Slowly but surely, the menu grew, item by item and before she knew it, Humble Coffee served over 20 dishes and had its doors open seven days a week… now with a lot more than just a prep counter and a sandwich press, of course!

While Humble Coffee is now a thriving hub, by no means has it lost its essence of modesty. Amy has shared her unexpected blessings by using Humble Coffee as a place not only to grow her passion but that of her fiercely all-female staff and each and every patron too. Humble Coffee is a truly soulful experience.

Their motto says it all: “Be nice, or leave!”

So, if you head to KZN, put this on your foodie to-do list! Your soul, stomach and caffeine cravings will be grateful.

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