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Naqiyah Mayat

My love of cooking inspires my designs; beautifully functional kitchenware that spurs on my creativity in the kitchen and reminds me that no matter how my day was, a favourite piece of fabric can be enough to brighten my evening and make me feel right at home. As human beings, we are hard-wired for connection. Gathering around a table feeds that need. Its a place where bonds are reaffirmed and where breaking bread actually breaks down barriers. The centrepiece of our table should be the space we’ve created to gather together to connect and transform us. And it so happens that the most lasting human relationships are formed around the table, rooted by love. Today, I welcome you to gather around my table. A table that displays a life of abundance, celebration and an insatiable drive for perfection.

Just Teddy

The Zaki family has long dreamed of creating a boulangerie and pâtisserie where they could showcase their passion for baking bread, creating delicate pastries and preparing good food. They had no idea that their stand at 1 Fox Market in downtown Johannesburg would be the catalyst of their dream, or how lovingly their offerings would be embraced. Their passion for perfection, their family traditions which date back hundreds of years kneaded together with an unwavering work ethic have magically combined to create a phenomenon, a one-of-a-kind boulangerie and pâtisserie that is a paradise for the senses.

Payal Ramdhial

Let me introduce myself, I am Payal Ramdhial a full-time mum to two active little boys and the founder of The Healthy Plate, a dynamic lifestyle-oriented start-up blog that is dedicated to promoting clean eating. I also create recipes for wholesome, nutritionally balanced meals. My mission is to inspire people from all walks of life to be the best version of themselves.


A young and ambitious cook hailing from the far end corners of Cape Town. I am Corvin Pietersen.

My career span has taken me to the busiest kitchens in Florida, USA to cooking alongside Mexican cooks in the deserts of Dubai. A career which demands consistency and discipline, but draws the most rebellious degenerates. I am the owner of a baking brand which was founded by my wife, Desadel, and myself. The brand is a testament to the simple principles of patience. There is no perfect moment in time for any inception.

I wish to continue on this journey of humility. The only legacy to leave behind is teachings passed down from mentor to student. I humbly remain a student in my mastery of the craft.

Lianne Scher

I am Lianne Scher, wife, mother and entrepreneur. I love uncovering beauty wherever I find it, especially when baking and sharing my recipes. I live my life passionately in every aspect. I am also the founder and designer of Kindred, a unique handcrafted jewelry brand.

I hope that you will feel the love and joy as you try these recipes. Come join me and enjoy!

Chef Carol Van Der Horst

My love for cooking and baking started when I was about 10. I would always hang around in the kitchen and watch my mom cook and prepare baked goodies for us. I started making fudge, coconut ice, toffee apples and popcorn to sell to the school kids.

If I tasted something new, I would always ask or search for the recipe. I had files full of recipes that I collected from magazines, a book full of hand written recipes that I treasured and from which I prepared delicious meals and scrumptious cakes, tarts, and cookies.

Big Zuu

BIG ZUU The Grime MC who became a TV Chef has no ventured into writing books. As a creator of lyrics, this transition into being an author has been a wonderful process and the first book ‘Big Zuu’s Big Eats’ is a credit to how this can work in the new world of entertainment cross overs! More things to come and more books to be published in the future but for now hopefully this first cook book can create and appetite for another and another and another.

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