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2023 Food trends making a positive physical and global impact: We going caffeine, alcohol, meat and sugar, free

We are almost in the fourth month of 2023, the perfect time to see how expected trends are doing and if the foodie gods got it right. That Food Guy Group ® has been eating, as we do best, trying out all the expected trends, and we are loving it!

The healthier lifestyle is definitely not something new, however, people have been expected to take things to a whole other level this year. While reducing alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and even meat, was the vibe, now cancelling it is!

Some of the expected food trends for 2023 – are we seeing them?

Health and sustainability are where it is at! The plant-based movement is growing at a rapid rate, seeing more and more restaurants offering meat-free dishes, which is not something we ever expected to see in a meat-loving Mzansi. We are not only aiming to improve our physical and mental health but also the health of our surroundings. Vegan, vegetarian and plant-based lifestyles have a direct positive effect on the plant, something which is another pressing matter and ever-increasing global movement.

Another big trend is alcohol-free beverages that still add pizzazz to your party but without the buzzy substance. We saw a lot of zero drinks hitting the shelves, and the no alcohol rule during the pandemic really set these off. Flavour, ingredients and aesthetics are essential to creating a moment that stands up to its traditional alcoholic counterpart. According to Cape Talk, South Africa ranked 3rd in the world for alcohol consumption per capita in 2022, a wow which didn’t come as a huge surprise.  So, with this alcohol-free trend set to take off, it will be exciting to see where we rank next year.

Another choice trend that the world never expected, especially with ice coffee being the new little black dress, is the caffeine-free movement. With all the research showing the negative effects of caffeine, especially on mental health, people feel it has to go. While decaf is totally an option, the healing properties of tea have made it the new go-to hot beverage. Popular trends to look out for in teas include adaptogenic or wellness teas, customised tea blends based on your health concern and/or flavour preference, ready-to-drink (RTD) teas, tea mocktails and cocktails, and tea tastings and experiences.

Last but not least, butter boards! These have become HUGE thanks to TikTok. If you missed the memo, butter boards are exactly what they sound to be – a board smeared with butter and then topped with the lushest accompaniments. What you put on top of your butter is totally up to you are your taste buds. These butter boards are a great party starter and a way to bring people together, and we are sure this trend isn’t going to phase out anytime soon.

As we are just about to embark on the fourth month of the year, we are sure to see a lot more trends emerging and evolving. But health, sustainability and community are definitely where food is centred at the moment. It is magical to see how, through food, we are able to make an impactful difference on pressing issues like health and sustainability.

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