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Short Format Books

That Food Guy Publishing Originals | A5 Soft Cover Paperback & Digital Versions Available

That Food Guy Group has birthed its newest venture which is That Food Guy Shop, a proudly South African e-commerce platform which promotes local publications, local products, our fav international cookbooks & artisan brands.

One of the core focuses for That Food Guy Shop is to showcase short-form cookbooks from established and up and coming authors in digital and hard copy form, market and sell pre-loved cookbooks and provide bi-weekly recipes and food content from various authors and key content contributors.

At the heart of That Food Guy is storytelling, ideation and connecting markets and people through food. We believe the South African market deserves a platform that provides collated short-form content that is easy to use, find and store for the avid cook, reader and online shopper.

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Short Format Books

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Try out some of the recipes from the short and long-form books featured in our shop.

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