DStv Delicious Festival: Our Story & Recipes


The DStv Delicious Food & Music Festival Presents Cooking with our Stars book project will be the first ever cookbook to fuse diverse South African musicians into one book. Year after year the festival has been a sought after event that brings people together, as it gives us access to our beloved muso’s and legends as well as unique food experiences from various vendors.

Now fans, new and old will have the opportunity to further gain insights and exclusive food content from our favourite music stars. The cookbook will be an ode to the diverse music and food culture we have in South Africa. In the book artists will have the opportunity to share stories, anecdotes, childhood memories of what they ate growing up or what they enjoy cooking themselves. This book will further amplify the unique experience DStv Delicious Food & Music Festival gives each patron when they attend an event.
The difference is that feeling will be extended into their homes and they’ll get the opportunity to own and keep that memory.

The project will encompass lifestyle elements as well as recipes from our stars which will be curated by That Food Guy Publishing.

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