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Hot off the grill and to your doorstep: Jozi food brands Dhaba and Gimba are now available on Uber Eats

When did South Asia meet Africa? When Dhaba and Gimba joined forces, that’s when. That Food Guy Group ® had the honour of collaborating with Uber Eats South Africa and Millat Group through the official launch of the two proudly South African brands, and, of course, the food was our favourite part.

You know that feeling that hits hard in the bottom of your stomach, sending warmth to your heart, when you eat a meal your gogo made? While that is exactly what you’ll get when you chow down on Dhaba and Gimba’s food.

Funeka Peppeta, That Food Guy Group® Shareholder and Senior Account Lead, explained her experience with Dhaba and Gimba’s food as:

“A sense of familiarity, a good kind that makes you think of homely food and comfort. Both brands have a taste and sense of foods I grew up eating and smells that permeated in my home or neighbourhood.”

The  Millat Group has helped bring traditional South Asian (Dhaba) and African (Gimba) street food to your doorstep with the help of Uber eats. Dhaba and Gimba are delivering a unique and innovative experience to Mzansi foodies, literall

Those living in the Sandton and Rosebank areas are the lucky ones who now have Dhaba and Gimba as order options on their Uber Eats app.

A taste of the inspiration that gave rise to the ‘dark kitchen’

Never heard of a dark kitchen? While Dhaba and Gimba are the perfect examples to explain exactly what it means. As both brands serve from the same kitchen via the Uber Eats app, with no physical restaurant serving both brands, it is known as a ‘dark kitchen’, a term used to describe a virtual kitchen, cloud kitchen, ghost kitchen or delivery-only restaurant.

In an official press release by Uber Eats, it was expressed that Dhaba hopes to put an innovative/modernised spin on the traditional South Asian street food concept with modern Asian fusion flavours. At the same time, Gimba strives to deliver food packed with “robust, hearty flavours and good portion sizes, emulating the eKasi experience.”

These dark kitchens are taking Mzansi delivery food to a whole other level, and this is precisely the kind of stuff that excites That Food Guy Group®. and I have added them here as well to show representation.

Here are just some of the bespoke and hearty dishes you’ll find on the menu:


  • Pilau burritos
  • Kebab sandwiches
  • Butter chicken burgers
  • Masala loaded fries


  • Pap and nyama
  • Magwinya (vetkoek)
  • Chicken and le dombolo (dumplings)
  • Kotas
  • 7-colour Sunday box

So, what are you waiting for? Wipe that drool off of your face and get ordering!

Check out Dhaba and Gimba here: |

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